Sunday, January 25, 2004

Oh yeah, I just stole this from Bev's site. :D Thanks once again Bev for making this possible, don't worry, I've already turned myself in to the proper authorities.

3 things you are: joyful, extroverted, outspoken
3 things you are not: introverted, quiet, short
3 things you enjoy: writing, making music, thinking
3 things you dislike: false pretenses, mass amounts of people, and squash
3 things you want: peace, happiness, more time to think
3 things you need: food, clothing, shelter
3 qualities you like in a guy/girl: spirituality, outspokenness, intelligence
3 qualities you dislike: unidentifiable rage, hypocrisy, feigned interests
3 qualities that make your ideal relationship: communication, love, communication
3 qualities you like in a friend: tolerant, fun, loyal
3 words that describe/remind you of love: idealism, communication, loyalty
3 words that describe/remind you of hate: pretense, rage, anger
3 songs that make you want to dance: "Where's Your Head At?!?" Bassment Jaxx, "Give Up The Funk" - The Funkadelics, "Breathe" - Prodigy
3 best leisure books you've ever read: "For Whom The Bell Tolls" - Hemmingway, "Andromeda Strain" - Michael Crichton, "Candide" - Voltaire
3 best albums you've ever heard: "OK Computer" - Radiohead, "Origin of Symmetry" - Muse "A Rush of Blood To The Head" - Coldplay
3 best stores to shop at: Software, Etc.,, Dillards. (Only stores I actually shop at, well other than Walmart)

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