Tuesday, January 13, 2004

Well, its Tuesday. The day of um, tues. Yes. That is what today is the day of. Actually today was the day of sleep study and relaxation. That's right. Sleep study and relaxation. So my sister got married. Quite interesting, since she and my brother-in-law came by the house today. They seemed happy enough, I suppose. Well, I guess that's the way that things go. I'm not exactly happy that my sister is gone, but there's nothing wrong with her getting married I guess. Well, as you may have noticed this blog entry is going to be quite short, I've not got a lot to write about but I'm sure I will have something to write about soon enough. On the plus side, I've been so busy with school that I've not had time to do much thinking. Anyway, I've got quite a bit of sleep to catch up on and I gotta holla at a fresh desk at eight in the morning so I guess I better mosey on out. Later ladies and gents. Oh yeah, notice that the days of spitting intelligence are gone. I switched over to haloscan for comments because blogscan sucked. That's right, I said it, it sucked. Unfortunately, I can't make it say spit your own intelligence anymore, yeah I know all of you will miss that with a real vengeance, but not to worry, I've not lost my witty repertoire at all. Either way, I gotta go now so feel free to comment. Eechh. . .leaves a bad taste in the mouth, a very bad taste. Makes me want to spit? You too? Then spit some intelligence.

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