Tuesday, January 06, 2004

Tuesday, the day of um, tues! Yes, wonderful tues. Now I want to look up what Tuesday was all about, and who it was dedicated to. Anyway, just got off work, after a long, and I do mean long, absence, everything felt heavy and disorganized, but I was able to do away with the disorganized part pretty quickly. The heavy part will go away as I work more. But man, the place was a mess when I got there, all of the storage rooms had chairs and tables and other such items crammed in with no order or reason to them. I've never felt more like a parent as I pulled all of the mess out and then reorganized it. My back's all tight from that now. I don't understand how one grown man can make such a mess of things. Doesn't he realize that keeping things orderly makes our respective jobs easier? Does he miss seeing that I reorganize the entire thing when I work? Why doesn't he follow my relatively good example? Not to mention, he's raised three kids, how the heck did he manage that with such poor organizational skills. Its a wonder he didn't lose one of those kids in his house because of all the mess. I'd say something to him, but that'd be very disrespectful since he is twice my age, or maybe even three times my age, and I can't very well tell him that he's a complete slob, and if he doesn't get his act together, I'll. . .do nothing because I can't do anything to him. I couldn't threaten him with physical harm, but I'd prefer to do that when I have another job lined up. Just kidding, but you see my point. There's nothing I can do but vent on my blog, and wish that someday he'd stumble upon it and realize I'm talking about him. No chance of that right? Right. Anyway, as my father just told me, I should take this time to study, so let me go study something. . .as if school has started. Next Monday begins the same old grind, except there'll be no weekend for me. Figures. Oh well, I guess its not like its not expected. I'm going to gain some much needed sleep. Feel free to let me know you're reading this. Just to make me feel better about myself.

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