Thursday, January 22, 2004

So am I preferred customer yet? Probably not. Either way it goes, I think I should spend more time thinking about something other than how I feel. As I just found out yesterday from Jeremy's site, I'm 82% emotionally driven. 82%. . .that's well over half, that's a B in the world of testing, and therefore, that means I act upon my thoughts much less than 18% of the time. Wow. I'm doomed to die a horrible death. Actually I think this means that I just need to learn to think more, emote less, and generally accomplish what i've been unable to do all my life. Oh well, I guess being emotional isn't that terrible of a thing, I'm pretty sure that somewhere down the line, I'll have to give my life for someone and i won't hesitate as I jump in front of the bullet/monster/bomb/etc. because I'm just that feeling. That's the best part of being emotional, unconditional sacrifice. Alright. . .no no, its not alright! Anyway, I'm going to call it day here, with one warning to someone pretending to be me. . .that's the warning. I have officially warned you. . .be warned!!

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