Tuesday, September 28, 2004

I've got this here Rolling Stone magazine. It's alright, but man, seriously, you rockstars, shut up. Really. Stop talking and go do what you're good at. I don’t care about your views on politics. Don't care. No one really does. Everyone likes you because you make cool music and are in a cool band, not because you're an overall real cool dude. So shut up. I mean, I don't even care about politics. I think the idea of a career in politics is the most hilariously nonsensical thing there is. The very highest position pays, what, 250k a year? 300k? A lot of money, sure, but we're talking about presidential status here, guys and gals. It doesn't get any higher up than that, and that's not a big salary for the president of any big company. America - for the sake of this example - is more or less synonymous with a big company. But I digress. Shut up. Even Eminem is getting political now and he can't even talk. It's painfully obvious that being political in music is just the new in thing. Green Day - what? You're a punk band. Go sing about your parents grounding you or something. Dave Matthews, hey, I like you and all. You're a nice guy, I can tell. But just shut up. Go start trying to make an album that lives up to Before These Crowded Streets - a feat which I doubt can be accomplished, especially if too much time is taken talking about what an idiot Bush is. Thom York, please, just stop. You're incredibly rich and you live in Europe where you don't have to do anything but drink tea and eat crumpets all day, stop pretending to get involved. Damon Albarn, dude, see Thom's comment. No one cares, guys! You're musicians! Do what you do! And don't talk!

Besides, it's a lose/lose thing, this election. I'm glad I have no reason to be worried about it. Bush is stupid, and so is that other dude who is running. Lose lose. Problem solved.

I'm not mad or anything, just find the mentality of celebrities to be very annoying. I'm not a big fan of American popculture in any case. On that note I'd like to rebuke Jeremy for subscribing me to all these magazines that constantly remind me of how shallow this country is. But as I said, not mad. To prove it, here's a smiley face made to resemble Homer Simpson.

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