Friday, September 03, 2004

So, was that last entry a tad bit long? Don't worry it won't happen again. . .well. . .yeah it probably will. Either way, the anniversary of Deep Thoughts and Other Assorted Candies is approaching swiftly, so I thought today would be a good day for some Q and A with the creator/editor of the site.

Q: Hello there kind sir, as you know I'm here to interview you about your website. . .
A: My what?
Q: Website. . .Deep Thoughts and Other Assorted Candies
A: I like candy.
Q: As do we all. So, what was your primary reason for starting Deep Thoughts?
A: I believe it was Confuscious who say, I think therefore I blog.
Q: Uh, no, it wasn't Confuscious, in fact, I don't think it was anyone.
A: Then I turned to him and I said, Connie, you're a trip man. Pass me another dinner roll.
Q: Um. . .you had dinner with Confuscious? He's dead, and has been for thousands of years.
A: I told him not to eat that steak. It wasn't medium rare, it was medium raw. E. Coli's a real problem in third world countries you know.
Q: There are lots of intelligent thoughts and comments contained in the archives of Deep Thoughts. . .did you write any of them?
A: No, no I didn't. Except for the one that said you're a loser. I wrote that one.
Q: That one doesn't exist.
A: It should.

And there you have it, a wonderful interview with a brilliant man. Here's the mp3 of the day.
QMart - 808 State ft. Björk of The Sugarcubes

My mood?

Ain't duality grand? (Or would this be plurality? Hard to say. . .)

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