Thursday, September 09, 2004

Not much going on today. I went out and purchased the new (latest since its a year old) Massive Attack album, and its pretty good. Nine tracks of goodness for everyone. Which is more than I can say for the latest Magna-Fi album. Normally, I'm all about endorsing them but this time around, do yourself a favor and avoid them. They are officially the plague. Some of their earlier songs I like, but there's only one or two memorable songs off of Burn Out The Stars, which is their latest release. Not worth the 12 bucks I spent on it.

I leave you with poetry:
I took another of God's creations for granted,
asked more of it than should be demanded.
Beauty like transformers is more than what meets the eye.
To find true beauty in anything, you've got to look inside.
Everything I'd ever wanted and I failed at the exterior,
if I'd just focused on what was truly superior,
looked past what I saw deep into the interior. . .
But my mind was really just too inferior,
too small to see past the outside.
Why each conversation made me feel so alive. . .
And I wandered. . .How many had I pseed over because of my eye?

Feel free to leave your own evidence of literary genius.

Say hello to Massive Attack. And this isn't the best song on the album. . .its simply the shortest. Gotta conserve on webspace.
Future Proof - Massive Attack

My mood?

If you scream in two dimensions, no one will hear you.

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