Wednesday, September 01, 2004

When you see me/please/turn your back and walk away/I don't wanna see you/'cause I know the dreams that you keep/that's where we meet/when you're coming down/think of me here/I've got no distance left to run

Time is definitely of the essence, seeing how today, I haven't had much of it. That and sleep. I've not had enough of either for the last few days. Not to worry though, I'm sure something will happen to rectify the situation, or at very worse, I'll learn how to schedule. That word in itself gives me chills whenever I say it. The very thought of planning out my day with thought and care bothers me like nothing else. I hate organization on that level, and yet that is the only way to survive in this, this world of day planners and PDA's. Whatever happened to letting the day flow around you like water? I suppose in the end, even the water in the river has somewhere to be at a certain time. I'll always find it interesting that if you don't plan out your day, it makes you lazy and unefficient. Well, unefficient maybe, but not lazy. . .I get a lot done without a plan. Its gotten me this far. And I'm tired. And sleepy. So maybe I do need to get with the plan. Either way, I've got to get up get out and get going to work. I'd ask for something interactive from the daily readers of the blog, but well, I don't want to get my hopes up for social interaction. I'm sure you understand.

Today's mp3? Well, I call it Blur does blues, but I'm sure someone'll correct me. Or maybe not. Anyway, after listening to it with a cup of Kool-Aide in one hand and a bag of Cheetos in another (I am a man of sophistication), I remember thinking, man, that was a good Blur song. Then I got a refill on my Kool-Aide, and continued on with my casual music listening. The point of this long and time destroying story is that this song has a nice bluesy feel to it. And unlike most Blur songs (for me at least)the lyrics actually carry some definable meaning. Don't get me wrong, I like Blur (and for reasons other than incurring Jon's wrath) but the majority of their lyrics to me are abstracted. I could type a thesis on this, but I don't have the time. Maybe next time. Anyway, here's No Distance Left To Run - Blur

My mood?

Self explanatory. . .if you're me. . .

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