Wednesday, December 31, 2003

Well, its the end of the year. This has been a year filled with good and bad, much like every other year. Its times like this when I sit back and I think to myself, "Self, what has this year really brung?" This was the year that saw one of the greatest summers ever, and yet, it also brought one of the worse winters. I've definitely had a year full of memories and thoughts, and as I reflect back over this year, I wonder if I'd do everything the same way. I've done so much I wish I could take back and start afresh, and yet when I get the chance it seems I fall short of the goal over and over again. Maybe this is just a human imperfection, or maybe its just a lack of mental stability and will power on my part. As much as I'd like to blame all of these outside factors, I know somewhere deep in my heart, that this is the result of me. Every mistake, everytime I stumble, I can't blame it on anyone else but me. This past year brings to mind thousands of what ifs, just like all the other years past. But what we would all do well to remember is what if doesn't exist. We have to accept what we've done wrong and continue forward, because if not, we'll be constantly looking backwards while moving forward, and that always leads to some type of disaster. To make a long story short, or perhaps a short story shorter, we should all take some time to reflect on what this year truly means, and remember we have much work still to do. As each year passes us, we draw ever closer to the motive behind our urgency, and as we continue pressing forward, lets not forget to remember the past so as to straighten our futures. Spit some intelligence at me.

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