Wednesday, February 04, 2004

Does anyone remember the television shows from their youth? I remember watching Pinwheel, in fact I still remember the first part of the theme song for said show. I also used to watch Eureka's Castle, (which I loved) of course Sesame Street, and this one show that I never really understood or remember the name too. There was this group of kids and they all had this mechanical eagle. And they could fly it and it would shriek like a real eagle, and I remember that its wings would shorten in length to avoid damage in cliffs and narrow valleys and such. I can't remember this show's name at all. Really its just another half-shattered memory waiting for me to regain it. So what happened to me today? Nothing worth talking about, just school and the usual. I had a really good thought for today, but I've not had the desire to follow through on it as of yet, so I'll leave you with my mood for the day, and close it out. I'm sorta tired, so I apologize for the lack of deep thoughtage.
My mood?

Actively Fighting Drapery

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