Tuesday, February 24, 2004

Man. . .it must be the day of all days today, because, once again, sleep my every growing vice has grabbed hold of me and made me miss the morning. I seriously need to learn to fight the beast off. Ah well, what seems to be on my mind today? Well, I was thinking back to the days of smallness and helplessness, also known as my early school years. When I was in third or second grade, or maybe it was first, either way, this one kid who was a year older than me followed me home with three of his friends, hitting me across the back with a math book along the way. I endured the walk home with this happening right up till my front door, and then went in and cried my eyes out to my father, who I had to wake up since he was on night shift. I still remember that he let me cry, hugged me, and said we'd do something about it and got up then. We went over to the school found out the name of the kid's guardian and my dad went and talked to him and his parents (or actually it was his grandmother) about how he didn't appreciate him beating up on his son. Flash forward a few years, in middle school three kids jumped me, with bad intentions, and I had to literally fight my way out of it. There was noone there to help me then, and I still remember sprinting to my ride knowing they wouldn't follow me there out of respect for my parents. Flash forward a few more years, to my freshman year in highschool when the senior who had been picking on me got out talked by me, and wanted to beat the crap out of me for being quicker at the wit than he was. So I got into another fight, and I got it pretty bad from him. A few people said I won, but after the fight, I had more bruises than I did before I went in, so I say I lost that fight. No one helped me out on that one, and there was nowhere to run where I wouldn't get beaten down. Which illustrates my point. As you get older, you become more and more independent. BUT, standing up for yourself is often just standing up by yourself. As you get closer and closer to adulthood, you become more and more a single entity, one that no one wants to help, or stick their neck out for. Which is why I can understand more and more the need most people have to get married. They want to quell those feelings of loneliness that they have to contend with. Which brings me to a book I've read many times, that I'd recommend to anyone who wants an interesting read, its called, Their Eyes Were Watching God, and its a really good book by Zora Neale Hurston, who was a Harlem Renaissance writer. Anyway, in it the main character gets married three times. In the first and second marriage, she's with someone, but she still feels as if she's lonely. That's because the person she's married to doesn't fill the void that she feels in her heart. She eventually does marry again, and finds the love of her life, and they end up in a hurricane. In the hurricane, he literally supports her. Helps her along, and when she can't walk, he carries her. In the end, he literally gives his life for her, in such a shocking plot twist, I'll have to let you guys read it instead of telling you. But she supports him too, and that just illustrates my point. People look for support in life, look for someone that they can support, but will also be there for them. What made me think about this? A friend of mine is getting married this weekend. I'm going to suport him. But its not that he'll need it, since he'll have support for the rest of his life. . .right?
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