Monday, February 23, 2004

There's a video on the internet of me face down in a bowl of cereal. What did I do this weekend? Everything's so blurry, but I can gladly say that NEABOCSWPYHK day went over pretty big. Way bigger than the last time that we did this, or should I say that I did this, since last time I didn't have Jeremy to coerce the masses. This time around the cereal flowed like the milk, and the milk flowed like the cereal, which flowed like the milk. Which flowed like the cereal. Right. Eating cereal with water and skim milk in it was definitely the highlight of my weekend. Which leaves much to be said about my weekend. There was very little thought, a lot of sleep, and a few trangessions that would be best left in my head. On the plus side, the lack of sleep completely motivated my creative juices (or is it anything I think becomes creative when I've not slept much?) and I wrote a song/poem/lyrical "composition which I think is the remedy, to cure all the dance floors that are empty" (tell me what song that's from, and I'll personally mail you a CD, unless you use google. Then you get nothing, well, maybe derision) Also learned that cereal is not a social food. Don't eat it with other people, there is no good in that. Anyway, here's something I wrote last night/early this morning around 3 A.M. (American Central Standard Time that is)

Let me tell you my ideal
she's has more than just appeal,
she's got everything to convince that she's the real deal.
She's so strong,
Stronger than teflon,
Aware that true beauty isn't found in the salon.
It comes from within,
that's why she's genuine,
cause she's so aware that eventually in the end,
everything she says and does,
is exactly what it was,
she'd know complex from complicated,
intrigued from intoxicated,
and never let her ideas become underrated.
Lives well poor rich or flat broke,
looks good with or without designer clothes,
aware of fashionableness and sensible from head to toe.
Charming personality,
with a strong sense of reality,

And I fell asleep, pen in hand at that point. I'm rather proud to have made it that far. My continous struggle to sleep continues. Ah well, I'm off to the rest of the responsibilities of the day. Oh yeah, I got my Political Science test back. Stone cold ripped it. Yeah. . .that's right, call me the 10th percentile, and not the lower tenth either. Though I've been there before, and its not pretty.

My mood?


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