Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Man, I feel like someone cut my eyelids off and fed me nothing but sleeping pills. Its a rough day for the Javann today, and yet somehow, he manages to break out the blog. He's such an inspiration to the youth nowadays. So what's the mind swimming in now? Other than brain fluid that is. Or wait, is there a such thing as brain fluid? Anyway, what I'm thinking about right now are all the friends that I've had over the years. One in particular was an incredible friend of mine. Definitely worthy of everything good that's happened to him. Unfortunately, I've lost complete track of him. Who am I talking about? Jacob Alexander Brown. He was such a good friend that I even know his middle name. For a lot of years, he was my sole reason for going to Tuskegee (the town in middle Alabama) and was so much so an influence for me that I no longer visit Tuskegee since he left for Bethel. He is in many ways responsible for me being the man that I am today. He definitely is the closest thing that I've had to a brother, and while others have a special place in my memories and my heart, he is without a doubt the greatest friend I've had. The crazy thing is that he lived over four hours away, and still managed to be one of my closest friends. This was in the time before the popularity of the Internet. I used to save my lunch money to buy stamps, so I could write him. I wrote him more mail than anyone I've ever known. I don't know where he is now, but I really hope that I run across him again some day. Maybe if not in this world, the next. I understand how Jonathan felt now, more than ever.
My mood?

Taking a moment to reflect before blowing some more stuff up.

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