Friday, February 20, 2004

Now 25% more realistic than ever! At least I think I can say that because my particular brand of reality allows it. It's all about prescribing to what you think and not accepting anyone else's view of the world. That's not that difficult. I do it all the time. However, often times reality, the real kind, forces itself on you. Take this week for instance. It took three days less than it should have, meaning it seems like Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday blurred together into Monday. A very hectic week, for me. But come Thursday, I had a talk, and the suddenly the days seperated and forever opened up like a chasm of doom awaiting my slip and fall into said chasm. But I digress from the true purpose of this blog. What is the true purpose of this blog? If the title's to be believed, there's supposed to a peppermint and a thought included in this blog. Well, hate to say that I told you so, but this is my own little brand of reality. So in actuality, you'll get none of those things here. Because I am the thought nazi, and if I don't like what you just said, there will be no thoughts for you. Okay, every so often I go back and think about what I just said, and well, that was one weird moment in time. It was preserved so that you can really see what its like to be inside my mind. That's only a small sample of the reality that is Javann. I guess it goes back to being able to know what other people are thinking, with me, you don't have to guess with comical results, I'll just tell you. The results wil still be comical, but is that such a terrible thing? Not really. At least not in my particular brand of reality. Have I said this before? Yes. Are you amused by it? I hope so. Will you participate in NEABOCSWPYHK day? Of course. Why? Because I'm answering all the questions for you. . .actually the NEABOCSWPYHK day thing, I think you should consider. Think about it. People in several continents will be eating cereal at 5:00 American Central Standard time. To sync up with the world, hit up the official time all over the world and join us as we endeavour to do something really really cool. Anyway, there's a shower calling me, and I think I better answer, because I could really use one. Fun for all.
My mood?

Cooler than cool. Ice cold.
Thanks to Jerm for the photo.

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