Monday, February 09, 2004

Its Monday morning and the rain has hit my face/Its Monday morning, with memories of a life I can't erase/Oh why did I ever put my dreams on a bill/Never did like Monday mornings, and I never will. . . Yep its monday morning, and here I am. If you may not have noticed, all of my recent posts (yep all two of them) have been before 7 A.M. That's because I've found the joy of the early morning hours, the quiet tranquility of the cold sunrise. I'm sure you don't want to hear me wax poetic anymore about the morning, so I'll move on in this egocentric endeavour and tell you about my weekend. Saturday was full of video games and friends, and a lot of driving. And while that driving was taking place, Tre took advantage of many opportunities to do the evil monkey to random people we passed on the highway.

For the uninformed, this is an evil monkey. . .

And a good time was had by all. And we found out that cajun rice from Popeye's comes with ground beef, and while Tre couldn't eat it, ReG likes it and I think it tastes like crap. Saturday didn't provide much sleep unfortunately, and very little study, but not to worry, Sunday definitely made up for all the above. I learned that I like saying the word crap a lot. I also managed to eat a pound of ground beef between two buns and with cheese, lettuce, and tomato. For some reason after that I got my picture taken, and I realized that that was the most expensive Polaroid shot ever. Then I came home studied, and slept. And boy did I sleep. Like someone had slipped me a mickey. Of course, my chocolate cola did taste funny. . .but on to another thought. Some friends joked around about me having a heart attack early in life, and then I thought about my general dietary habits and they are conducive to heart attacks, at least the way I eat on the weekends. I tend to end up eating large quanitities of unhealthy food while I'm away from the good influence of my parents, (on the weekends of course) and my only real savior is I'm so broke, I can rarely afford to eat like that every day. My only hope is that I end up with a horrible job and can't afford to feed myself. That's the only way I can possibly avoid a heart attack. . .or maybe I could just watch what I eat? Nah. . .that's nowhere near as enjoyable as poverty. . . I know I'm making no sense, but well it is 5 in the morning. Sorry. I'll leave you alone as I realize I have to stay awake till my class comes around.
My mood?

Hugs for everyone!! Hey, why are ya'll running away??!?

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