Monday, February 02, 2004

Monday, the day of the moon. Ironically enough, the moon isn't visible during the day, but that didn't stop the various pagans from naming our day after the celebration of the moon. What is Javann thinking this moon day? For one, I'm thinking I really shouldn't be so arrogant as to assume that you care what I'm thinking. Though, honestly, if you didn't care, why would you come here? Maybe you are like the many that stumble onto this site after an errant click or two. But really what I'm thinking, or at least what just crossed my mind is the amount of sayings I have that are borrowed from other people. It always makes me laugh to think about how many people have picked up my mannerisms or sayings and vice versa. For instance, I say "most excellent" more than I care to admit. I picked up that little gem from my good friend Jerm. I've also got the saying "stupid" from him, though its not really a saying more than it is a way of saying it. After hanging around Danny, I started saying, "Word life player," and after a few nights hanging out with Sky, I started saying, "Heh heh alright!" and "Darkside points!" I also managed borrowed a phrase from Jon, who I've heard say, "I've done many a thing on my day." Of course, I alter that a bit, according to what the thing is I'm speaking of. The assimilation of language and mannerisms is a good example of how we as humans learn to communicate from the people around us. The bad thing about this is that while good habits, funny jokes or ways of saying things rub off on us, so do the bad habits, traits, and mannerisms of others. The case in point of that in my opinion is my accent. I'm from the South, but I'd prefer I didn't sound like it. Well, since I live here, I have an accent, regardless of whether I want one or not. Another bad side effect of human adaptability and assimilation is what I like to call the mainstream. Because of humans adapting and assimilating things, the mainstream grows ever mindless and ever larger. As things are assimilated, however, the mainstream takes those things and makes it fit to how it "should" or "should not" be. Therefore, perfectly good ideas and systems of values are completely destroyed as the assimilation takes place. In some cases, the identity of entire cultures can be altered to suit someone's needs. Either way the cookie crumbles, I'll be schlepping off to do something big and incredible. If you're the type to visit links, and I know you must be, you'll notice that the Juice Mouse Zero link is gone. For those that want to know what the almighty Juice is up to now, feel free to run with knives. Go ahead, I'd normally advise against it, but this time I okay it. Just don't sue me.

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