Tuesday, February 10, 2004

Well, its not morning, I've completely ruined my recent streak of two. Its my longest update in the moring streak. So what's on my mind? Right now I'm thinking its time for NEABOCSWPYHK day. What's NEABOCSWPYHK day? National Eat A Bowl Of Cereal Simulataneously With People You Hardly Know, that's a mouthful isn't it? What day will be NEABOCSWPYHK day? What day do you want to simultaneously eat cereal with other people? I've got a fresh (well not really fresh, I bought it two weeks ago, but I've not opened it yet) box of Wheaties Energy Crunch, waiting to be cracked open for comsumption. So what inspired this day of cereal eating? Well, truthfully, it was more or less me wanting to do something that would be cool and involve a lot of people. Someone just asked me why cereal. Because it is the medium of breakfast, and there's nothing better for breakfast than a hearty bowl of cereal. Cereal is the breakfast of champions, tastes like something other than chicken, is goes great with milk, and the only reason I consume milk. If it weren't for cereal, I'd never drink the stuff. I don't know who saw a calf drinking milk and thought they'd drink it too. Milk makes me sick. So does mayonaise. Anyway, feel free to leave day suggestions.
My mood?

Sleeping with my lights on. . .

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