Wednesday, February 25, 2004

I'll be sure to post again today. Anyway, call this intriguing, call it what you will here's some poetry.

Darkness falls in a pretense
As my vision adjusts to my surroundings
I notice how beautiful the night is.
Reflection upon various mediums and writers
draws me to rememeber my own musings.
Now as I relax in the grass its almost amusing.
Lost feelings are trapped
on the paper in ink waiting to burst free,
each one carrying a little piece of me.
For you to hold have or even exploit.
Is it some ruse or clever ploy,
which awaits those who care to render examination.
Their prizes are almost always consolation.
And yet they've learned everything in one instant
bowl of chicken and mushroom Ramen noodles.
As my mind rambles among my own pleasant doodles.
the faces that exist only to me in creativity.
or whatever it is I claim to express constantly.
I strike each stroke and indentify my imperfections
and then I see my own seperate corrections
I remember they're imperfect too.
but that's just life.

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