Friday, February 13, 2004

Friday. Is this the day of Fried Food? Or perhaps its just the day of Fry, from Futurama? Either way, it is the last day of the proverbial work week, and it finds me knee deep in a pot full of tired. Last night didn't produce much sleep for me, though I tried pretty hard to drift off. I have a test today in my Political Science course, and honestly I'm feeling the pressure of shaky ground. I can only site about five to six landmark cases and what they did, and unless the test asks about those five or six, I'm doomed. Not to worry, my backup plan involves doing something drastic, just haven't thought of it. As promised, today I'll have a frank discussion of the things I hate. I'll start with mayonaise. How can anyone like this stuff? Its a pasty white, oily, clumpy disgusting glob of malnutritious egg whites and oil blended together. It doesn't taste good by itself, and it surely doesn't enhance the flavor of anything you put it on. I don't like it on any sandwich, and the sight of it makes me gag. Another thing that makes me gag is boiled okra. I really dislike the stuff, so much so that I've been known to say, "I like you as much as I like boiled okra." Yeah I know, OUCH, to say the least. The good thing about okra is that you can dump it into your hosta plants, and then when the slugs come up to eat them, they'll be like, "oh, look, some slugs are already dining here, we'll come back tomorrow," and then the next day, with fresh okra, the slugs will think, "Oh, someone's here again, this plant is always crowded. Lets try across the street." I'm not sure why I just typed that last little bit, but I'm on to more things I hate. I hate misspelled words. It drives me crazy to see something spelled improperly, almost as much as seeing someone use words in a nongrammatical way. I also hate when I come up with a catchy phrase and other people use it poorly. Other things I detest? High on the list is Superman. He really is a poor excuse for a superhero. Maybe you remember, and maybe you don't, but earlier in this blog, I pointed out the major flaw that Superman has. (Other than wearing his underwear outside his pants) Superman is a hero and a gentleman because he can afford to be. He doesn't have to worry about the consequences of what he does, all he has to do is fly in and save the day and thanks to his myriad of powers, he can worry about catching bad guys later. What really repulses me is that he gets his own female admirer who will stop at nothing to find who he is, yet, he wears a pair of glasses, and no one in the world can fathom that he is really mild-mannered Clark Kent. I can understand the world being tricked because he's got some really good disguise he concocted with his super genius mind (which is another thing that really irks me) but his best disguise consists of glasses, foot shuffling, stuttering, and letting people beat him senseless. Other superheroes have to risk suffocation (Spiderman, Batman, HawkGirl, DareDevil, etc.) But not Mr. Ideal Hero. No such risk for him, even though really, I doubt he can suffocate. So why not wear a full mask? Because then he couldn't make eyes at the love of his life that he'll never have, Lois Lane. Not that that's a horrible thing, Lois is a tad pushy. In fact she'd probably have Superman flying all over, looking for rare items that she could write about in her daily planet. I really dislike Lois too, but I think that's spillover from Superman. I also hate when people ramble on, and, oh, well I guess I'm doing that. So I'll call this Things I Hate blog complete.
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Actively fighting someone else's ideal. . .

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