Tuesday, August 31, 2004

If history is anything, it's not my thing. However, I will say confidently that Incubus is the rock, man. They're the guys who changed my musical life after Blur created it. Must be quite the amazing thing to be in a band that's responsible for changing someone's musical life. Now, I'm not talking about the whole, "Yeah man it changed my life I got Make Yourself and listened to it over and over and wore it out and learned all the lyrics." I'm talking like, not only getting every album I could but every single track, b-side, live performances a/o or a/v, what have you. I'm talking learning all the lyrics on all those albums then learning all the songs on guitar, getting not only one guitar track but all the tracks (granted there was more than one) and learning the song not only one way but often several. And of course the fact the they introduced me out of the world of the potentially mundane world of 4/4 time and into the extremely expanded world of odd meters and just other rhythmus in general, odd or not. Plus they're the only band that keeps challenging me on every album. I'm glad this newest album has some hard guitar in it, cause while the album as a whole has only one really, really memorable track (unlike the previous two), and while I don’t know all the songs, the songs I know I had to work on for a while to get down which was great, honestly.

Thus Mike Einziger brought this deliciously mediocre post to you. Mike, we salute you.

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