Sunday, November 09, 2003

Sunday, the day of the dragon. Actually, its the day of the sun, but we'll just pretend that its the day of the dragon. As usual, its the end of the weekend, and man, am I bushed. I was on the East side, the West side, I even went across the bridge ya'll, cause I, cause I, cause I, cause I hear they really get down over there. . .well well I, do it, well well I hmm mmmm. . .for those of you who didn't get the opportunity to catch last week's blog, that was the O'Jays. So what did I do for this weekend, other than live for it. Not much, really, just some hard physical labor (my new phrase it appears) putting down dirt and sod out at the Kingdom Hall, to beautify the lawn and what not. That was pretty hard, and I got plenty dirty, I also forgot to pick up and keep this beautiful piece of quartz (i think it was quartz) that I found, that was really very beautiful, even Skyler thought it looked cool, and I tossed it aside to continue toiling and laboring, and well I forgot to pick it up before I left. And I told Ben to remind me to do that. And he didn't. So its all Ben's fault. Silly Benjamin. Also I missed a totally cool party where there was football to be had, and an even cooler drive to said party, because someone lived up on the mountain and it was a winding road. I heard two stories of near death, and I wish I could've driven that road. Oh well, I guess I'll get the chance to do it again at some other juncture in my life. Also I wrote a totally cool song for a really good beat that Juice put together for me, it ought be pretty good, if not totally and completely entertaining. Actually, it'll be horrible. Anyway, here's what I got written, feel free to spit your own intelligence and critique it. I'm all about critical analysis. As long as its not something like, make that seperate lines. Then it'd be really really long. I'm also all about space conservation.

I used to be the main one holding up the wall, folks ask me to dance I'd just say nah, I don't want to dance, I'm not taking the chance, to look like a fool, I'm trying to be cool. Then one night at this party, I noticed this girl, she was looking so good that she shook my world. She was an 8.9 on the Richter scale, she had her own hair and had her own nails, soon as I saw her I couldn't see no one else, so I tried to walk over to introduce myself. I was trying to dance but getting left behind, cause suddenly I got caught up in a Soul Train line. That's when hands started clapping fingers started snapping, I was wondering around not knowing what was happening. That's when, my body started moving, pretty soon I was on the floor grooving, I'd never felt more alive than that moment, I took the floor and stone cold owned it! People around were all shouting my name, and I was hotter than a barrel of fire, feeling the fame. It didn't matter whether or not I danced alright, all that mattered right then was that I danced all night. On the way home all that crossed my mind, was there ever going to be another time, when I could hit the floor dancing and shine, take any song played and make it mine, will I be able to dance at any occasion, I wanna dance and I'm losing my patiences. Cmon everybody dance to the beat, I wanna see you move your feet, C'mon!!

Later ladies and gents.

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