Thursday, November 13, 2003

Well well!!! What's going on majors and majorettes? Its yet another weekend, and yet another week that I've had the. . .pleasure of neglecting the whole blog. SO what happened this week? I'm sure you all are dying to know, since my life is such a hot topic in so many internation circles. Actually this week contained a lot of nothing. You already know about the all nighter, that might explain the incredible amount of nothing that i did this week, I was still dazed and confused from the lack of sleep. I also played some monoply, some pingpong and that was pretty cool, I quit the monoply early one because I farsaw my eventual demise. And we all know how much I detest my ability to fortell things. Right. So what's on tap for this weekend? I'm really not all that sure, I know there'll be something called bowling going on. . .I think that's the proper name for it. That game where you take the heavy round ball and roll it down a wooden lane that has been highly polished and shined for maximum rollage. That should be fun, since i always score about 33% of the possible score. How much of a loser does that make me? Well, I'd do the math, but how often have you seen me do that? Not often. Well I'm off to watch the episode of Family Guy for hte night, that's my reward for staying up this late. Take it easy, tater tots.

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