Saturday, November 22, 2003

Ladies, Fellas!! What's the dealy? Just hopped back in from Tammy's wedding, and I was color coordinating with the wedding party on accident. Cause I'm just that good. The wedding went well, hopefully the marriage will run as smoothly as the wedding did, and they're life together will be filled with happiness. Not bliss, as bliss means somethings not right, either in life, or in one's head. I got a chance to cut a little rug, but then the security guard stopped me and took my knife, so I hit the dance floor like a dancing machine, doing all the moves I could like a dancing fiend. It was definitely most awesome, and I got a second to hit a corner by myself and think about the last wedding I went to, and how messed up I felt. That's been about a year really, and I remember ending up in the parking lot, tears falling from my eyes, and muddled thoughts falling from my head. While reflecting, I took the time to really look around the entire room, and I couldn't help but think, you know, there's only one girl in this room who really makes me feel again. I actually started writing a song about it in my head, something like, I can be cool in a corner or a crowd, as long as you're there with me, someplace quiet or someplace loud, as long as you're here with me. And then I lost my thought, because D walked by and slapped me upside the head. Seriously though, this is the first experience I've had with unrequited love, with having all these feelings for someone, but having them basically say that they don't care. I've not had to deal with something like this before, and every so often, all that goes through my mind is torch carrying is for the Olympic ceremonies, not for everyday life. I don't want to hold on to this like its a last shot, last ditch, give it what you got cause there's nothing else effort. But I don't. . .actually I can't completely forget about it. Curse these emotions of mine, sometimes I wish I couldn't feel anything. Anyway, changing the topic, there was the swankiest thing I've ever seen a wedding, a chocolate fountain. A literal fountain of chocolate. Not a big fountain, mind you, but even Willy Wonka had to start somewhere, and I'd imagine at the beginning of his chocolate factory, he had something similar to that in the lobby, till he came up in the world. The whole thing looked and of course tasted awesome, though a few people double dipped (TRINA!! Just kidding. . .or am I?). Speaking of smooth, Elliott hit up the ivories at the end of night, and belted out a homemade ballad, guaranteed to make all those of the feminine persuasion scream, swoon, and all around weak in the knees. He's got some pipes on him, I gotta admit, he's a very talented brother, hopefully he'll be able to put that talent to use somewhere worthwhile. Either way, he sings quite well. To make this short, I'm going to head out, I gotta get up tomorrow, and i'm already getting tired. Take it easy, ladies, gentlemen, children of all ages.

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