Monday, March 15, 2004

Ah yes, Monday, the day when mental inertia is at its worse. My mind won't get started, and I can't feel my eyes anymore. Its a wonderful state. So what happened this weekend? What didn't happen this weekend? And why am I asking rhetorical questions? All that and more tonight at nine. . .oh wait, I'll not want to have to type that up tonight at nine, so I'll just tell you. FIRST! This weekend was pretty hectic, and fun at the same time. We played football, we ate food, and a good time was had by all. Somehow we managed to harrass every waiter that we met, and all quite good naturedly might I add. Sunday, after eating food, we made music, and while I'd like to call it beautiful, I try not to lie. . .no just kidding the music was beautiful, beautiful, beautiful music. Why did I just type that three times? Why did I ask that? Because its Monday. And on that thought, I'm prepared to head back into the same old grind. But first, I've decided that imperfection is easy. The reason I say this is I got a test back in English. I got a B. While that's cool and all, that isn't conducive with my recent streak of A's. Which means NOW, I get a B and its like, CRAP!! I wanted an A!! Before if I got a B, it was more like CRAP!! I gotta to go and celebrate!! If I'd have known this was going to be like this, I'd not have tried so hard to get good grades. By merely doing what it takes to get by, I'd have more time to sleep. Speaking of which, that couch called me names, I'm going to go have a prolonged conversation with it.
My mood?

Hey, even I can dress up once in a while, right?

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