Sunday, March 28, 2004

And it's over, so soon after it began. A good time was had by all, but now its time to say goodbye, to all our company. . .S-P-R (R we going back to school so soon?) I-N-G (G, I've not done any of my homework) B-R-E-A-K. . .but since it is officially the end of spring break, I have to bring back the deep thoughts. But first a recap of all that happened. Our circuit overseer was in town, got to spend a lot of time with him, he and his wife are good people, (say that with a Haitian accent to get what I'm saying) and it was great having them in town this week. There was also football, and helping my friend Kenny and his wife, Jacquie (who coincidentally is also my friend) move into their new deluxe apartment in the sky. He's definitely moving up. . .getting a piece of the pie. We were going to barbecue some beans, since we fish was frying in the kitchen, and they wouldn't burn on the grill. That's the Campbell's Soup (condensed) version of my spring break, and oh yeah, Ben stayed at the house one night, but we were both so tired we didn't get to do anything cool. And my car, well, its yet again on the bricks. Brake pads, rotors. Fun for everyone involved, except for me. So really its not fun at all. Anyway, here's a topic for discussion. Lets say you were sitting at a dinner table, and you were listening to someone who we'll call 'A' talking about how he or she goes to the movies by themselves. Naturally, being a good friend, and a kind person, you'd say, well why didn't you call me? And then somehow 'A' tells you that he or she is considering if he or she is your friend or not. As you choke back the tears of pain that well up in your eyes, you realize that you're no longer wanted so you get up and suddenly there's this waiter and he's all like, "Uh" and you're all like, "Whatever!" and then the other people are like what is he doing, and your eyes turn green and you start turning into the incredible hulk, but in the process you knock over someone's buffalo chicken wings and it completely spills, and suddenly you realize. . .you're not the hulk. Then the person debates math with you, and says that all guys are evil. True story. So, 'A', if that's your real name, I hope you're happy, because you made me cry. Well actually you didn't, but you did make me write this long blog. And yes, 'A', you made me. I feel totally forced. I'm going to go lay down. On another note, I've probably got a test tomorrow, and I don't even remember my name, or the majority of what I did today. And yeah, that was a semitrue story. SEMI!! And not HEMI!! I'm babbling. Check out the hulk picture.
My mood?

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