Wednesday, March 03, 2004

I see but I never hear, I look but I never listen/I've got plenty of hours, but never minutes/my life is halved, middled/my body full and still riddled. . .take note of the ellipse as I segue into another part of my blog. I refuse to use paragraphs. . .so now I just use ellispes. I laugh at organization. Then I cry on the inside. So what's the happenings this Wednesday? Well, other than the world's longest night, followed by the world's shortest morning, there's nothing much to be said. I'm slowly going crazy from lack of sleep, and I've said to myself more than once that I don't know what I'm talking about. The ongoing argument between myself and I stems from last nights cleaning. I ran across a copy of the Birmingham News (motto: We're not the Huntsville Times) and after sitting down to read it (yes I read the whole thing) I started thinking it'd be cool to live in Birmingham. Then I remembered what Birmingham was like all the times I visited, what with the smog and the death (well, the smog, I didn't see any death when I was visiting) and then I decided that I wanted to live someplace else. Huntsville's a great place to live, if you want to live here. That may not make sense, but I've had three hours of sleep or less, so lets go ahead and drop all the pretenses here: I'm not going to make any sense in another sentence or two. So more or less, I begin wondering what it was like to live somewhere else. Then I begin my usual thought process of what it would be like to have some change. Of course, my ever growing theory of how change affects our perceptions came up and I realized that the reason I enjoy change is because I'm a impatient person. For those who don't remember my change "theory", (and I use the word roughly) about two to three months ago, I decided, after some thought, that time didn't exist, at least our concept of time. For those who don't want to hear the deep thought about to come, I warn you now to look at the hulk picture. Time isn't a dimension or a stream or whatever it is that people would have us to believe. Time can be measured in hours and such, but there's a reason for why time seems to speed up or slow down, a definable reason. My theoretical reason (we might as well call it a law, since honestly there's is no way to test this) for these phenomena is that time is our perception of change. It all makes sense right? No? Understandable, let me explain. You see, we percieve change, consciously or unconsciously. We know time has passed because of sunsets and sunrises, our bodies constantly change metabolizing food, processing oxygen, and deteriorating. At this point, I'm sure no one is reading, but as we percieve change, we equate it to time. If there were no change, (which is impossible) there would be no time. The example I used was the fact that people who slip into comas can't percieve the passage of time, and therefore time stands still for them. Many of them wake up thinking that its the same year and minute as it was when they fall asleep. Someone brought up the fact that they don't stop aging, and of course the response to that was SHUT UP!! No actually the proper response is that I didn't say change didn't occur, I said perception of change is time. They still changed and so did the things around them, but they were unable to to percieve that change, and therefore their concept of time didn't exist. As dramatic changes occur, time (our perception of change ) speeds up or slows down dramatically. Without change, there'd be no time. Having solved mankind's greatest mystery in little under twenty-one (really in about five minutes of good thought) years, I'll retire once I accept the Nobel Prize for Science, write a few books, and take in the scenery. Truth be told, I forgot why I brought up this whole discourse on what time is, something about wanting change in my life. I think I was going to say I prefer change over all other things, which is why I don't have favorite sandwiches, or why I don't like having a set routine. Change is what motivates me to do things, the fact that I won't have to do that thing the next five to ten years, over and over again. I like the fact that the seasons change, not so much what they bring. By the time winter rolls around, I'm glad to see the end of summer and fall, and by the time spring and summer roll around, I'm glad to see winter leave. I guess at some point in my life, I'm going to want to establish some type of routine, but until that time gets here, well, until that time gets here. Anyway, I've typed enough, you've read enough, kudos if you made it to the end of this and read this entire spiel. You, sir, or madam, are a truly special person.

My mood?

Not smiling for the missile launching camera. . .

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