Friday, March 19, 2004

Its officially the eve of Spring Break, the time of year when millions of young college students think wistfully ahead to the time when they can drink themselves under a table, or a bar, or pretty much just drink till they forget. On the eve of this incredible massacre of brain cells, one has to wonder, "Where can I purchase enough alcohol to do this?" In all honesty, alcohol is expensive, and you wonder how college students who are primarily broke all the time can scrap up enough funds to even do this for a week. Then it hit me. Spring break is a total myth. There is no such thing as spring break. Students stay at home and study for the upcoming tests and then when they get to class they lie about how great a time they had over spring break. That's got to be the only possible solution. In all honesty, today is definitely the day to end all days. Because its what I like to call SUPER FRIDAY!! Its super because spring break officially starts whenever class is over. . .and that in itself is indeed super. SUPER FRIDAY!! So kick back relax, if you're not in college, wish you were for about two minutes and then remember how much school sucks. Enjoy the SUPER FRIDAY!!

My mood?

Stupid college kid, get off my head. And quit singing Where's the Party At!!

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