Tuesday, March 02, 2004

Who's idea was Tuesday? This day is one of complete and apparent blahness. I should fill my blog up today with nothing blahs. Because that's how I feel. Blah. Feel free to take note that blah is constituted of three parts cottage cheese, two parts peaches, and four parts sugar. Oh and two parts olive oil, as well as three parts parsley. Stir, blend, drink. Experience the blah. Yes, blah is definitely the formula for a blah time. Sometimes I sit back and quaff a few blahs, and I realize, life is nothing but a blah. Blah, its what's after dinner, and slightly before desert. This makes me wonder if I could start an advertising campaign for blah, and have people all over the world quoting my catchy blah phrases. Like, I'm so blah. I'm blahing like a blahin. Are those Blah you're wearing? No, its blah. Blah, its blah for blah. Pretty soon the masses would be wanting to their very own blah, but I would deny them blah, because I would be the blah holder, the blah provider, the blah Nazi, if you will. I could control the blah market. . .and be a blah culture enthusiast. It would not be first time that my finger was on the pulse of pop culture. Total blah. Also, I have the perfect letter to be written in Jerm's contest to write letters. Not to worry, I intend to get some definite results with my ability to sound angry. Anyway, feel free to spit some intelligence, and make sure it contains blah, because if its blah, you know its blah.

My mood?

In your face like a can of blah. . .

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