Monday, March 15, 2004

So I can remember if I posted this at any point or not, but I figured, why not, lets repost this. So here's something I wrote not too long ago. Um. . .take heed.

If I gave you the world, it wouldn't be enough,
because you and me can only be us.
You make me see,
how monogamy,
is more than just,
being monogamous.
Its built on trust,
not to make you think lust,
but you arrest my mind like I was in cuffs.
make me want to write,
reflect on my life,
all in hopes that maybe you might,
notice me noticing you,
put me on notice that you noticed me too.
Really, I haven't a clue,
as to what to do,
to get a little attention from you.
Poems, songs, flowers, anything you want,
unless its just me, then please be blunt
then I can get you outta my mind,
and find,
someone new to inspire my rhyme.
Cause lately its seems,
you've been in my dreams,
and I'm slowly losing touch of reality.
Can't get you outta my head,
don't wind up dead,
without saying what needs to be said.

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