Tuesday, March 23, 2004

I'm sure you want an update on the life that is Javann, but alas, Javann hasn't the decency to tell you whats going on in his life. So be prepared to weep as Javann uses his incredible blogging powers to cause you misery and strife! BWA HA, BWA Ha, BWA HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! And your little dog too!! So what would you do for a Klondike bar? Well, if you'd ever had a Klondike bar, you wouldn't pay $1.29 for one. But somewhere in the world, right now, someone is paying that with tax. Why do people spend money on things that aren't worth it? Not too mention the fact that the more money they spend on worthless things, the more cheesy advertisements appear. Its a vicious cycle. Either way, I've not got a lot to say this morning beyond that so here's an old poem of mine. Enjoy.

I can't feel my eyes,
could I feel them before?
I'm really not all that sure,
but I know I want to feel my eyes.

Maybe these eyedrops will help,
bring the pain of sight back.
I need pain that,
helps me to see the horrors well.

Horrors what horrors have I seen?
I see greens and reds,
the dead killing the dead,
and the mortal affronting imortal beings.

I still see horrors so strong,
that I know they can't be right.
Horrors committed in broad daylight,
when I know right from wrong.

Horrors I tell you, that's what I see.
Capital H, followed by o's and a r's.
you don't belive me? then get in your cars.
Drive away and when you get home, you'll envy me.

That's right envy me, I can't feel my eyes.
but I know what you have in your mind.
I know what creeps around in you at night.
I know what you are afraid you might find.

You're afraid that you'll enjoy the pain.
That if you don't keep everything the same.
and if you ignore the obvious change,
then you'll be free from the chains.

The chains of feelings your eyes.
But you'll never break free.
Someday you'll be just like me.
And you'll need to feel your eyes.

My mood?

Number one reason why I didn't design Jurassic Park: The Ride

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