Monday, March 08, 2004

I feel. . .I feel. . .I feel nothing to tell the truth. Nothing at all. I'm a blank slate on the emotions area, and I'm not sure why. It could be because I slept in today, after a hard day's night. Maybe its because I've not really learned to deal with Mondays. This is my day to feel completely complete. Friday is pure emotion, Mondays are pure thought. Normally Monday is the official time period where my mind fires up and my emotions take a back seat. Probably because if I went off of emotion, I would have a hard time going to class and getting through my day. It'd be very difficult for me to face my Mondays emotional. Or maybe its just. . .who knows what it is? I'm actually growing tired of thinking about it, so I'll just recap the weekend. Friday, I had to work, and work I did. Till 12:00 in the morning, capped off the night with cheese laden double krystals (a healthy eating choice I know) and went to sleep. Saturday, I went to a graduation party, danced like an old person, and then Sunday, played some ping pong after the meeting with a very good ping-pong player. My back hurts now from the inordinate amount of stretching, not to mention the amount of swinging my shoulder has had to endure. For those not in the know, ping-pong, or really, table tennis, isn't a light sport. If you play right, its down right strenuous. And I play right, or maybe I don't. I could launch into a philosophical spiel about how can we define anything right in such trivial areas, but I'd rather not. So today is the day of much thought, not much sharing. Sorry to disappoint, but to make it up to you, I'll leave a cool picture.
My mood?

Jerm's a pyromaniac. . .and I'm not far from it myself. . .

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