Tuesday, December 23, 2003

I don't know what you heard about me, but I wouldn't pull a blaster on me. I don't know why these droids want to try, I'm still a J-E-D-I! And thusly I sang as I attacked droid after droid in KOTOR (Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic for the uninitiated) Alas, those droids did want to try, and even though I was a J-E-D-I, they still put the smacketh down to me. Which brings me to my point today: in video games as you go the resistance gets stronger, and you begin to think to yourself, "Self, this is getting insanely difficult, why should I go on?" At what point is hard too hard? In life or a video game, when do you say, enough is enough, and walk away? I'm not talking about committing sucide, so the worriers can rest easy, but if you're undertaking a task, say you were trying to lift a car, at what point do you say, okay, this car cannot be lifted, or okay, I need to just step back and do something else. Of course with a game, you can always just come back to it later, and pick up where you left off, no penalty, but life, well life's not a game obviously. The penalties for taking a break, if you will, are many and harsh. Often we pay those penalties without a second thought, but that doesn't mean that the cost wasn't great. The things we give up are often the things we undervalue, simply because we've never experienced or possessed those things. If I've never had my favorite meal, its really not going to be my favorite is it? And therein lies my point, if we give up, if we sign those things over with our resignation, we'll never truly know what we missed out on. And that is a risk, that no one can afford to take. Maybe I'm just a senile young man with too much on his mind, or maybe I don't have a point in the world. Who cares? I hope you do. . .spit some intelligence.

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