Saturday, December 06, 2003

You know what they say about tomorrow being a brand new day? That is complete and total crap. Tomorrow is worse than today, and will never be as good as yesterday. If I'm doing foolish and stupid things today, or if I'm starving and I can't find a job today, tomorrow will eventually be the day I die. Why should I look forward to tomorrow? I know this makes no sense, but I'm not having the best day today. I really just have alot of pent up anger, and I've no idea why. I've got nothing really to be angry about, but I feel like I'm going to snap at any moment. The day's not helping me, this is truly a day when you can savor a mood like this. There's none of that pesky sunshine to bother you, nor is there any warmth. Its a cold dreary day, begging to turn into a more cold dreary night. There's nothing like that to inspire depression or in many cases a nice hot rage, soon to be a boiling wrath. I guess I should simmer down, I've not had that bad of a week, and things are going good, but I have this desire to just rage on someone. I can't shake it, and I really would prefer to go out and unleash this nice anger some way. Oh well, maybe when I hop into the shower before I go party, I'll feel a little better. Later gators. . .wait, that's way too trite of an ending. Just go do something else.

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