Saturday, December 06, 2003

Okay, okay, so that last post was somewhat anger driven. I'm fine now really. I'm still not sure why I'm angry, or I guess I should say, why I was angry, I think it was the headache starting to get to me, I've had one for the last two days, and its not been cooperating like usual and going away. But anyway, so I'm sure you're dying to know what happened tonight. And I can't let you die can I? No I can't!! So we went to this party in Athens tonight. It was Aaron's graduation party. And if you hit up the last few journals, the last party was (though refreshing) Sunday through Saturday, if you feel what I mean (weak, if you don't). So I was hoping this would be off the chains. Disappointed I wasn't, the party was rather jumping, off the hook and chains, ya know? Glowsticks and dancing was to be had, and a good time was had by all. So after getting the groove on, shaking what my mama gave me, popping and locking and whatnot, we all go to the parking lot and conversate, socialize, and so forth when someone started kung fu fighting. (Huyh) Man those guys were fast as lightening (Hah). It was a little bit frightening (Huyh) but they used expert timing (Hah). Actually, we were all in the parking lot acting silly, and then Jeremy dashes over to Skyler's car, and I don't want to get left, so I hop in, and we take off. Did I mention this is Skyler's car, and Skyler's not in it. Skyler's running after the car trying to get in, and he's not doing a good job. So we take off down the highway, and we stop at McDonald's, turn the hazard lights on, so Sky can see the car. What happens after that is all kinda blurry. Somehow, Skyler gets to Micky D's, has a key to the car, Jeremy climbed out my window, and ran off, Skyler grabs me slams me, Jeremy dove into someone's car, they took off, and the next hour or so was Skyler chasing Jeremy vowing to do physical harm to him. He never caught Jeremy. The boy runs like a crackhead. That's my politically incorrect phrase for this blogging, the boy runs like a crackhead. Anyway, Jeremy finally gets back in the car, we headed home, and then there was McDonald's for everyone. Yay. And that was my weekend. Anyway, I'm officially beat, so I'm going to hit the hay. Feel free to leave your thoughts comments knowledge and general saliva.

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