Monday, December 01, 2003

Well, the weekend's officially over and it finds me here, at Jeremy's house typing on his laptop. I know, i know, you're thinking, what the deuce has happened? Well, not much my friends, not much. There was a party over in. . .uh. . .well, there was a party. Can't remember where or doing what, but i remember it. At least that's what Ben told me. I was so convinced that I called my good friend, Jared, asked if he wanted to party, since Jared's all about the partying. So we all pack up in the car, and we drive up to Nashville, and beyond really, because, you know, its in Hendersonville. So we drive there, crammed into Jerm's car, which says alot about the extent that'd we go to for a good party. And we get there, get lost thanks to the guy with directions (Ben!!!) not being able to really read the directions. I'd say I was suprised but considering the deceit that he'd already laid down, I guess I should've expected that, since he was expecting a party too. At least that's what he told us. And he just deleted a ton of my save files. ARRGGHH!! Anyway, make a long story short, we got there and I felt old. Let me explain. I was old. I was the oldest person there, barring Kevin and Jeremy. And they left me there. ARRRGGGHHH!!! (twice) Anyway, I spent the night playinhg spoons and thinking, ah well, at least I didn't miss anything cool. Yeah, but I did miss my bed, cause I slept on Jerms furniture. Now my butt hurts. Oww, my butt. Actually its more like my hip, my neck, and my back. They all feel funny, really. And I'm hungry. Well, Jerm if you read this, I'm raiding your kitchen. You've officially donated to the FTBGTC fund. That's the Fund a Tall Black Guy Through College Fund. Thanks, I'll be sure to lock up before I jet. Thanks for the crash pad, man. Take it easy ladies and gents, don't forget to spit some intelligence on YOUR way out.

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