Thursday, December 11, 2003

So, here I am. Back in the computer lab for yet another intriguing episode of "What's on Javann's Mind?!?!" Ever notice how narrow the subjects of songs are? There's only about three or four real subjects for singing about. Its rare that you see anyone singing a song about something other than
1) newly found love
2) lost love
3) partying and/or celebrating
4) intense emotional feelings
That's every song ever sang in a nutshell. And I'm not including all of those educational songs that Sesame Street or Eureka's Castle presented as a fun way to learn. There's nothing fun about puppets singing. Tragic, perverse, yes, fun, no. As of late, rappers have added a new type of song, (if you call what they do singing, or music for that matter) and that's grandiose bragging. There's nothing that spurs on a rap song than bragging about who you shot, or what other crimes you've committed in your quest for money, power, and ultimately a rap deal. I'm beginning to think that drug dealers are comparable to waitresses in Hollywood. They're all waiting for their big shot, but to pay the bills in the meantime they hand out substances to be consumed for the general pleasure of the buyer. Now guess which one I'm talking about. On the other hand, the world wouldn't be where it is now if it weren't for the beauty of music, in all of its forms. Of course, the world's in quite the condition, and I doubt any musician would want credit for bringing it where it is now, so perhaps that's not such a great statement after all. Blame my cynicisim, but I've been known to say that I'd not want the job of fixing problems, yet every four years or so, someone comes around saying that's exactly what they'll do. I wonder if politicians realize that there's no way they'll be able to solve all the problems and issues that are inherently attached to the jobs that they are striving for. At some point, they have to just say to themselves, "You know, world peace and ending world hunger really aren't viable goals. Lets just try to get re-elected, and then next term I'll have a steady job." You know, I wonder if they do that now? Of course, there's nothing I enjoy more than slamming my stomach up against a desk, I'll be happy to let you walk buy, you pompous. . .oh sorry, I'm distracted easily. What was I saying? has officially turned into selfish greedy suits, and dumped all of my songs off of their site. I had over 20 songs on that site, and not only had they restricted me to only putting three up at a time, but they now want are deleting those songs without so much as a by your leave. Don't feel obligated to take my hard copyrighted work seriously and at least warn me that these songs that I've so graciously allowed you access to are very soon going to go the way of binary oblivion. Far be it from me to expect you to store the content that you AGREED to store when I signed up for your service. Its your server, you can do whatever you want with it, and don't worry, I don't expect at LEAST an email warning me of the destruction of my creative properties. Wait, do I sound cynical, maybe even bitter? It just might be because I am a tad angry to find out that I no longer have access to the service that found so unprofitable. Oh well, its all a business, but I've also lost access to about three of my poems, I think there's an actual limit to how many you can store on, I remember having 41, and now I'm down to 38 or 39. Lovely, lovely, one of those poems was really very good, and now well, now its floating somewhere in binary oblivion. You have to love that. You just have to. That being said, I believe this to be long enough as it is, I guess this is where I'll call it quits. "But Javann, you said nothing of your day!" After reading this far into such a rancid bit of ranting, do you really want to know how my day went? "No, not really, but I'll be sure to spit some intelligence." You should do that, I'd appreciate it. And I'm reduced to talking to the voices in my head. . .wonderful. I'll go do something productive now, like take a nap.

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