Monday, December 08, 2003

My neck. My back. My neck and my back!! After a semi intense game of tackle football in which the objective was not to get hurt, here I am, hurting like nobody's business. I think I got whiplash. Anyway, the game itself was fun, it just prevented me from doing anything else that night. I was falling asleep at nine o'clock, something so rare for me that i forced my self to stay awake until four that morning. It makes a lot of sense, I know, but I've got nowhere to go today, and nothing to do other than study for an exam. And I've studied my brains out already, trust me. I will however, go have a late lunch somehwere, so I think, I'll close this out early for that purpose. I'm sure you're wondering who won the football game. I don't remember. After a few hits, my memory got real short, and I started seeing things that weren't there. Actually, I just didn't bother to keep up with score, other than I scored once I think, or maybe it was twice. I got my bell rung by Jon. I'll describe that before I go. We were about three yards from the TD and I wanted to run up the gut, so I started to run, but then I looked and saw two defenders waiting for me, and I didn't think I could power past them before I got dropped, so I swung to the outside, and barrelled over Tremaine (who was on my team, sorry Tre!) and whoever he was blocking (i think Jared) hopped on for the ride, and then another person did too, and I was dragging em thinking, yeah, I got this one, I'm taking two in for six. Then suddenly I hit the ground and my neck snapped like a whip and everything went black for a few seconds. I managed to hang on to the ball, which is really funny, considering how close I got to letting go of consciousness. Either way, I found out that Jon had come over and put a good full speed hit on me. Knocked my legs out from underneath me. Now that's good stuff. My neck hurts now from it. Oh well, maybe I'll see it coming next time and push through on him. Spit some intelligence at me, it seems I'm getting less and less intelligent by the minute.

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