Tuesday, December 23, 2003

Mid week, and here I am. Still out at Jeremy's house, still surviving, though I've been having the weirdest dreams since I got out here. One of them made me so confused I woke up with tears in my eyes. The other one is probably most likely to happen. The first one was about an old girlfriend, I had this dream that the guy she was with died, and she came back to me. I was so torn apart, I was literally crying. Its making me tear up now thinking about it. If that ever really did happen, I always wonder what I'd do. Probably same thing I did in the dream, cry and enjoy. Ah, well the other dream is a lot more relevant, I was at a restaurant and when I came out, my car was gone. And I do mean, GONE!!!!!!!! Nowhere to be seen, just some glass on the pavement, and my MP3 player. Apparently the thieves didn't want that, figured it was a piece of crap, then I asked this girl for a ride, she took home, but my house was a farm, and Judi was there, and she was running around in the backyard, because we had sheep back there, and she said she loved sheep, so she was running through the flock of sheep. Meanwhile, back at the ranch house, me and Dad left for some supplies and while I was waiting for Dad to pick the supplies up this guy came along and kidnapped me and made me ride in a taxi cab with him. He was angry man, I mean really angry, kept spewing about how cabs mistreated black people, and a lot of racist stuff, then he kicked the cabbie out and he was speeding all over town, shouting disturbingly Islamic things at the black people in the street. We crashed and we took this cool little red retrocaddy, that had a Jimi Hendrix quote on the windshield, and a diamond in the back, digging the scene with a gangsta lean. Till my dad came and pulled him outta the car, beat him up and then we took that car home, and dad said I could have it if I paid him 3,000 for it and kept it up. And we argued about that all the way home, and to the end of the dream, cause I woke up then. So that's the dreams that have been making my sleep restless, seriously, because I've been real tired since I came out here, partially because I'm dreaming more out here. Which isn't shocking or anything, because I always dream more when I sleep somewhere other my bed. At least in my experience I do. Some of my weirder dreams have happened on someone else's couch. Anyway, I've got to be going so give my regards to broadway. And launch some saliva intellectual like.

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