Tuesday, December 02, 2003

SHA AZAM! Tis the second day of the week, and the second blog I've had the chore. . .er uh, I mean pleasure of typing up. So what'd I do today? Well, went to class (of course) and here I am back in my sweat pants and cold feet. Its nearing the end of the semester, things are getting tight, dare I say, dangerously so, as I strive to maintain at least some semblance of scholarly learning. Nothing much going on, outside of my normal cerebral ponderings (yeah I'm having a big word day). I was watching Spiderman the other day, and I started thinking about how we as humans express emotions. Why do we kiss each other? I mean think about it. We kiss each other, hold hands, and many other things, but really, why? Is there a physical reason why being kissed by someone makes us feel loved? Or that we feel secure when we hold someone's hand? And what about those couples who can't keep off of each other in public. Why does that repulse us, to kiss someone in public (well, it repulses me) and yet its okay in private? Really what defines public? Because if it were two or three people, okay, this is okay, but up the number and suddenly we are IN public. I guess I'm just a wonderer (in the good sense of the word, of course) and I will never really be satisfied with accepting things the way they are. Why not question the many "norms" of society instead of accepting them. Great minds take what society has given them, and the expound, expand, and create their own systems. Look at Einstein. He took the theories, the math, and the thoughts of that time, and carried it into a new direction. I guess this may not be the best example, but at this point I'm rambling without purpose, and well, its rather enjoyable, so I'll not stop. My point is, why don't we as humans question things more? One endearing facet of human life is the curiousity, the desire to learn, the endless quest for knowledge. But so many people are simply content learning what they need to get by, doing only what is necessary, in hopes of attaining happiness. But how can you be happy, when there is so much that you don't know? We don't understand or fully comprehend so many things in our lives, it really begs of us to ask, why? Why, what, where, when, who, how? Life could be propelled solely by our desire to know everything, if we truly let it. But the man who seeks the answers to everything, often finds the answers to nothing, since truly life is full of trivial vanities, social inequities, and ultimately, the greatest hinderance to learning, death. We could be more precise and specific in learning the things that are most dear to our hearts, but that route takes us back to the tunnel vision that is so prevalent now, because we realize that death is what forces us to try to squeeze all the happiness we can out of life, when really life's happiness comes from learning. Apparently, this paradox will hamper mankind until something is done to remove it. Either way, my deep thought concludes for today, I'm sorry the path to this finale was a tad twisted and curved, but the prominitories of my mind, of everyone's mind, runs very similar to the road that was followed here. Feel free to spit your own intelligence.

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