Monday, August 23, 2004

All my dreams have died/everything is gone/Everything I love is stolen/Everything I've made is broken

Monday. The day of dread. For me at least. Because now I have a morning job. And let me tell you, waking up early in the morning is horrible. Man I feel for all of you who don't get to come back home around 8:30 or so and take a nap. I think that would seriously increase productivity in the workplace. If everyone took a 10 o'clock nap break, and got an thirty minutes to an hour of sleep. Maybe right after lunch would be better. Either way, its an idea with quite a bit of merit to it. Why? Because I back it. And that's what makes anything have merit.

Now that I'm done power tripping, have you noticed Jeremy's early morning pep talks? Its like all of the groggy senselessness without any of the morning breath. I'm sure there are people everywhere who have dreamed of starting their day to that. I personally don't talk or think in the morning when I wake up. My morning talk consists of grunts and monosyllabic cynicism as I attempt to find my way to the shower. After I shower, its not much better, and after I have coffee, its still about the same, but around 11 o'clock, things start to spice up. Hopefully that'll change since I'll be throwing myself in front of traffic on a daily basis. HAHAHA. . .wait that's bad.

Music for the day? Definitely going to be something that makes me want to wake up. So, how about some Joy Electric? I woke up to this today. And yes, the singer IS a man. I have of poster of him somewhere.
Joy Electric - Transylvania

My mood?

I said STOP!!

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