Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Yo. I'm Jon and I'll be posting this here. This won't be the most interesting post cause I'm just trying to figure out what I'm doing. I said on the Deep Thoughts And Other Assorted Candies job application that I had lots of blogging experience when I really don’t have any at all. I'm just hoping this is actually how I post something. I mean, it said "Post new Message" where I clicked but who knows what kinda crazy blog argot that is, yeah? During the Deep Thoughts And Other Assorted Candies job interview I actually told Javann that in all actuality I had no blog experience but he hired me anyway. Obviously because I was so ostensibly h4rdc0rz0rz.

So anyway, you'll probably find me talking about really nerdy things like books and music and maybe music theory. To make this post seem complete I'll talk about some of that right now. Let's discuss the syntax of Tolstoy's sentence. Alright we're done there now. Ok then, I'm gonna push the Publish button and see what happens.

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