Monday, August 16, 2004

I'll be the grapes fermented bottled and served with the table set/in my finest suit, like a perfect gentleman/I'll be the fire escape/bolted to the ancient brick where you'll sit and contemplate your day

And yet another fun action packed weekend comes to an end. There was much to be seen and done, and even more to be forgotten, and right now, the only thing I can think about is the pain in my side. Apparently golf takes a bit more out of you than even I thought at one point. No matter, I'll be fine, at any rate.
I wrote this not too long ago, enjoy.

First there was a sharp bright light, one unlike that I had ever seen before. And then there was silence. Silence and darkness. I struggled to hear, to see, to sense anything that would give me some clue as to where I was, but it was all pointless. As the futility of my now apparently dulled senses began to weight upon my shoulders, I was suddenly greeted by the sillhoutte of a man carrying a light. I couldn't make out his form, but as he drew closer to me, I began to recognize his face and features. They looked so familiar to me, and yet, I couldn't quite place where I knew them from. The closer he approached, the more my heart filled with dread as I realized the man I saw approaching was myself. A gasp lept to my throat as my heart begin to flutter in fearful anticipation. Surely I was dead. What other reason would there be for a man to approach me in this darkness in my likeness? What cruel trick was fate playing upon me? As these thoughts of death and fatality rushed into my mind, the man who was me raised his hand and smiled.

"You are not dead. Calm your mind, and still your heart. I am you, and we are now inside what you would call your 'inner self'."

I didn't know what quite to make of this calmly spoken revelation, and I mopped my fervently sweating brow as I endeavoured to calm my breathing and steel myself. "How did I get here?"

My other self smiled again, and answered, "You have always been here, as have I. This is, in a word, you."

I took a second to gather my thoughts, to think of some refute or rebuttal to what was said, but I had none. As I continued to gain some bearing of my surroundings, I noticed the strangest thing. I was in the middle of a dark and tightly woven forest. There seemed to be movement all around, and yet, there was nothing to be seen. It all felt familiar, but it didn't seem right. I shuddered as I realized that if this was indeed my inner self, then I would be standing in the middle of all of my dark qualities.

"Why are you here?"

"I am here to guide you."

"But if this is my inner self, why would I need a guide?"

"Because no one truly knows himself, you included."

My guide approached me and pointing his lantern forward, he made illuminated the path that I apparently was supposed to follow. He gestered for me to follow, and proceeded into the darkness. Having no other choice, I followed the light that he bore.

To be continued. . .
(I Am) Made From The Wires - Joy Electric

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