Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Too alarming now to talk about/Take your pictures down and shake it out/Truth or consequence say it aloud/Use that evidence, race it around

Actually, I'd meant for you guys to post, not that I would post. But I guess its all good. There's not much for me say today, partially because I'm pretty tired. But I suppose in all fairness I should discuss what I was going to talk about yesterday today.

Yesterday's lyrical opening was going to be too bad the things that you hate are my favorite things. The reason for that is because I got to thinking, everyone likes certain types of people. For instance, we all like people who are generous or cheerful, since they improve the general quality of life. Of course, there are other qualities that every person has that doesn't necessarily improve the quality of anyone's life. If you are a cynical pessimistic person, then you don't improve someone's life quality. At first glance, that seems terrible, but what if you like being cynical or pessimistic? What if that's what you like about yourself? Then in all honesty, though its self-centered, you should continue to be what you are.

Which brings me to my point: I know a lot of people who really do make life's quality rise. And those people are the ones that I find incredible. Because its easy to be self-centered and concerned with only yourself. But it takes true dedication to be concerned with other people. Indeed. Here's the mp3 of the day.
My Hero - Foo Fighters

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