Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Yesterday - Tuesday - the day free of updates - was a hard day. It began with a rigorous morning of service and then I attended my awesome and all but unheard of noon bookstudy which of course contained plenty of offtopic comments and weird illustrations (one guy brought cannibals and later robots into the picture) as all Carthage meetings do. After that I went to even out my tan at the river and man, I've really gotta say it looks pretty good (just in time for a pool party this weekend). Today will consist of more or less the same stuff really, just replace service and bookstudy with school. And I've gotta get my car and probably do a few things that that will entail. But then of course it's back to the river to sun it up hard cause I am that vane, I guess. But seriously if you could have seen the farmers tan I had going down I mean, you'd understand totally. If only I had a picture. Then again, if I did have a picture I wouldn't put it up (see the aforementioned vanity comment).

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