Tuesday, August 24, 2004

So Jerm did you take the other audio posts off? I can't see them. But it might just be something with my computer. Wouldn't be surprised at all if it was, as a matter of fact.

My weeks tend to snowball starting on Sunday or Monday and ending on Saturday or Sunday. Yesterday I hung out at the house and schooled/gamed it up, today wasn't much different, nor will tomorrow be until I leave for Nashville in the evening to hit a class and then from there meet up with some friends and go to a condo and I'll be there till Saturday, when I'll head home and then I may or may not be going to Franklin for some stuff and Sunday there's a party and then, boom, Monday comes along and I've got nothing to do again except the school stuff and the games.

Last night Javann texted me and said he'd be posting today, also. Sup with that. My phone makes a horrible noise when I get texts. It's like beeping, yet not. Sort of like beeping with a bit of soul-crushing Nazicoolitude.


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