Thursday, August 19, 2004

Now the skies could fall/Not even if my boss should call/The world it seems so very small/Cause nothing even matters at all/Nothing even matters (to me)

I know that might seem negative at first glance, but you have to see the rest of the song to see what I'm going for. The song I got today's italicized lyrical opening from is Nothing Even Matters by Lauryn Hill. Haven't heard it? Apparently you're one of the few people who didn't buy that album. I'm one of the few people too. But I do own the album. I traded for it back in high school for one of my Blackstreet albums. In retrospect, it was one of the best trades I've made.

But I digress from the point of opening with that song. You see, it was inspired strictly by emotion. The emotion that made everything seem so insignificant in this case was love, obviously. Its always amazing to me that such a slight chemical reaction in our brains could invoke such strong changes in our entire outlook in life. Its actually rather scary. What if there truly were some way to make that chemical reaction happen in others whenever we met them? Think of how dire the consequences would be, if someone could invoke love, loyalty into someone else's heart. To quote another popular song, what won't you do/do for love? If you take the time to look back over the archives you'll see that I've always wondered what caused a person to "fall" in love, or what determines how you feel about someone. If I were to believe my college education (and we all know I don't) love is an emotion that is developed through different ways for each gender. For instance, women supposedly begin to love a man when he communicates with her on a regular basis. However, for men, its doing things together that really causes a bond to form. So what is it? More importantly, I think the question is, why?

Of course, that only takes into account one form of love, as I'm sure everyone here is aware of. The form I speak of is, of course, eros. Ironically, its not the only form of love that you're not innately born with. Storge, Agape, and Philia, all gree words referring to familial love, love of man, and the love between friends, respectively aren't all innate. I have friends that I didn't like when I first met them. Not to mention, after watching the news, or having to wait in line, I realize I have a distinct loathing for most people. Not just rude people, mind you, but people in general. I tend to avoid public places and crowds simply because that sort of thing bothers me. More on that later on. Basically what I'm trying to say here, before all my thoughts got jumbled and I started disproving my own theorems and postulations, is emotions are extrememly strong motivations for actions. This is fascinating to me strictly because they're all just chemical reactions on a small scale, but the loyalty and devotion they create can cause ripples far beyond the small section of pond in which they originated.

I know that makes no sense. After rereading that, I'm as lost as no doubt you are. So enjoy this mp3, and try to forget what I just said.
Mineral - Parking Lot (The song's gotta pretty low quality going to it, so I apologize for that. Either way, download it and turn up your volume its worth it)

My mood?

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