Monday, August 02, 2004

Who is this clown?/I am the king of the diamond. Gather all the people for a feast in the clubhouse. Bring me the finest meats and cheeses of the land!

Well, that didn't rhyme, I'm sorry to say, but well, you can't have all of the things you want all of the time. Or maybe your name is Bill Gates and you can indeed have everything you want. Either way, the point is, that didn't rhyme. Well, today is Monday, and the night, she is long. But its getting shorter by the minute, of course. I've not got anything deep to say, just that I worked this weekend, and my arms felt really rubbery after doing said work. That pretty much concludes my blog. Check out the homemade mp3.

Homemade you say? Why yes, that's what I said. I made this song myself, with some help from my non-lawsuit induced friends. I hope no one important gets this one, because I could get sued for this. Anyway, here it is. Insane Clowns

My mood?

Grrrr. . .I'm big and green!

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