Wednesday, August 18, 2004

So let the grammer skills and spelling go down hill here on deep thoughts, jerm has entered the building! More on that on another day. But this shall be my place to release, my place to say all the stuff i think, but isnt entertaining. (For entertainment see misconstruedthoughts...)

Anyways... thoughts for the day...
why does this world make us be complaining/evil type people. Why? Because people want to rip you off! Thats right. And they know they want to rip you off. Good example, buying a car... "Oh i'll give you a good deal" but we know a better deal is always possible. They admit they want to rip you off, and the amount you are riped off is negotiable... if you question it! if you are an irritating customer.

So last night i'm paying bills (yay more on that later too...) and i notice an 85 dollar charge just to have ownership of my Frequent Flyer creditcard. I dont think so... So I call AMEX, complain, and say cancel my card, they respond.. what if we give you $30 off? I think for 2 seconds and tell them no... well 1 second later I have a no annual fee card with all the same benefits. ....the reason, i complained, i was irritating... not on purpose, just to prevent being ripped off. Why?

Because you have to be irritating in this world... they ask for it.

So just shutup... and practice being irritating.

Time to reboot our thinking!

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