Monday, August 30, 2004

Hoverin' by my suitcase/tryin' to find a warm place/to spend the night/Heavy rain fallin'/seems I hear your voice callin'/"It's all right."/A rainy night in Georgia,/a rainy night in Georgia/It seems like it's rainin' all over the world/I feel like it's rainin' all over the world

I can't personally speak for Georgia, but it was definitely a rainy night in Alabama last night. Not quite sure if that's what caused the power outtage I awoke to this morning, but suffice it to say that well, waking up to dark and realizing suddenly that it might be way past the time you were supposed to get up isn't a good feeling. After I pulled myself away from my bed, and came to the realization that the power had been out long enough to deny me a hot shower, a cup of coffee, or even just some light to read by, I laid out on the couch and figured why bother to dress in the dark? After passing out, I had a dream in which I was discussing my hatred of bumper stickers. For those who are unaware of my general disgust for bumper stickers, the fact that I dream about hating them should tell you something disturbing about my psyche. For the rest of you, it should come as no shock. But why don't I like bumper stickers you wonder? To me, a bumper sticker is like forcing your ideas on someone else. There's nothing wrong with talking to me, asking me if I want to hear what you have to say, then saying it. Or even just putting it on an open forum like the television or the internet. But when you are so arrogant and lazy that not only do you not bother to break from your daily routine to speak to me, but also decide that seven to ten words and an image can sum up your entire argument so clearly that there is no room for debate, well that just boils my water. And my spiteful obsession doesn't end there. There are even certain bumper stickers that infuriate me even more. Like the one's where the parents brag about their child beating up an honor student. Yes, its good that your son or daughter is physically stronger than everyone else, and its nice to know that you've been teaching him might makes right. That way, when he grows up and we have to lock him away, yet feed him and take care of him with our tax dollars, at least we'll know who to blame. The other day, I saw a bumper sticker that just made me want to run the guy who had it off the road. It had a picture of confederate flag on it, and said "If this offends you, then you need a history lesson." Hmmm. . .confederate flag offensive? Of course not. The confederacy was just a contigent of southern states who attempted to break away from the northern union of states. That doesn't bother me. What bothers me is the reason why they did that. You see, they were all cotton farmers, and for them, cheap labor meant more profit, and more time to sit around sipping iced tea, and pretending to be gentlemen and ladies. In actuality, the confederacy broke away over the issue of slavery. They wanted to continue enslaving people based simply upon the color of their skin. So when I see a confederate flag, its hard for me, as a person who, had the confederacy had their way, would be enslaved today, to look upon it as a symbol of Southern pride. So yes, I am offended, and all because I took that history lesson you suggested. There's a plethora of other bumper stickers that annoy me, really there's a plethora of things in life that irk me, I guess I'm just a irkable guy. Either way, I guess I should say that I do like bumper stickers that make me laugh. At least they're entertainment.

Today's mp3 is by Incubus. I heard them in concert and instantly went out and bought two CD's of theirs. And I wasn't disappointed at the time. It seems my desire to listen to them has waned with time, until I pretty much only break it out if I'm working really hard and I'm tired, and I need something for that motivational force to keep me going. And even then its kind of a blase listening. But a song that they've done that contines to impress me comes from the S.C.I.E.N.C.E. album. Its Favorite Things which contains the now controversial line, too bad the things that make you mad, are my favorite things Why controversial? Scroll back up and see what Jeremy said on my thoughts on that. I'm sure you'll be shocked and apalled. Or maybe neither.

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