Friday, August 13, 2004

Drowning in an ocean/full of childhood devotion/somehow things didn't work out how we planned/and I don't understand

Well its Friday, as if you didn't know. And as such, there are two things on my mind. Survival and nothing else. The tradition on Friday's is not to share deep thoughts, since in actuality, Friday is not a day designated for thinking. At least not on my schedule. So what's going down this weekend? As far as I know, nothing but work. That's how I spend my weekends unfortunately. Well really its only unfortunate until I get paid. This its extremely fortunate. Anyway, enough of my useless babbling, here's the mp3 of the day.

Seeing how today is Friday, this mp3 is for your general enjoyment, your dancing excitement if you will. Of course its all dependent on what makes you dance. Some people hear actual dance music and it makes them move. I am not one of those people. I need a well crafted song with a strong bass line and quite possibly a bass and snare drum hit that I can feel. Thusly, I give you this mp3 for you to dance to. If its not your type of thing, well, I apologize, this makes me want to get up and dance. Or conversely drive. But that's another story.
Block Rockin Beats - Chemical Brothers

My mood?

These shoes were made for dancing

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